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About the Founders:

Aside from God being the Chief Overseer, Donald Spellman is an apostle and co-founder of Living Word Of Grace Ministries, Inc. a non-denominational ministry. He is a Writer, Author and Bible teacher. Apostle Spellman was born in Elizabeth City, NC and graduated in 1982 from Northeastern High School. In 1983 he joined the U. S. Armed Forces where he worked as a Personnel Administrative Specialist in the Army until he retired. After serving sometime in the military he was diagnosed with cancer and was healed by Christ in 1988.

Subsequently, after giving his life to Christ in 1985 and serving as a deacon in Germany, he was called to the ministry in 1989 and later ordained in 1991. In 1992 he and his wife founded Living Word of Grace Ministries, Inc and in 1992 apostle Spellman launched the 30 minute“Word of Grace Radio Broadcast” which has aired to the present. In 1995 he joined the U. S. Postal Service where he worked as a Letter Carrier until he retired in 2005 to begin full time ministry. In 1996 L.W.O.G.M. was incorporated as a non-profit organization. As a result of serving in the pastorate for over 22 years, he has a burden and compassionate heart for spiritual leaders and for those in the office of ministry. He and his wife operate as an apostolic ministry team. His wife, Evangelist Sheila Spellman has been given a strong desire by God to see souls saved and come to the cross.

The primary objectives of L.W.O.G. Ministries and the Word of Grace Broadcast are to win souls for the kingdom of God. Another aspect of their ministry is to bring healing and restoration (spiritually, physically, and emotionally) to the body of Christ, and to equip the saints for ministry through expository teaching of the Word of God through the work of the Holy Spirit. He and his wife have been married for more than 32 years, and have four grown sons.

About Living Word Of Grace Ministries, Inc:

Living Word Of Grace Ministries is a apostolic outreach ministry which was birthed and incorporated in 1996, as a non-profit organization. The main objective and focus of this ministry is to win souls for the kingdom of God.

Another focal point of this ministry is to bring healing and restoration (spiritually, physically and emotionally) to the body of Christ.

Moreover, L.W.O.G. ministry's mission is to equip and train saints for ministry through the expository teaching of the word of God, by the work of the Holy Spirit.

About L.W.O.G.M. Outreaches:

Radio ministry since 1992, the broadcasts has touched local communities and those inside prison walls. One of the main missions of L.W.O.G.M. is to reach souls for Jesus. In additionally it's purpose is to cross denominational lines and to reach people from all ethnicity's of life for Christ. The host, Apostle Spellman, imparts the word of God with expository teaching through the Holy Spirit.

One of the main objectives of this broadcast is make the message easy to understand, so that all people of different ages can glean from the teachings. If you are interested in obtaining material from this broadcast please click on our web store at the top of the page.

 "Living Words" is a publication that was birthed in September 2011. One of the main purposes of this publication, initially, was to make it available to prison inmates. Inmates are not allowed messages in CD format so "Living Words" is another way to reach out to them. This publication is not just available to the prison inmates but to the general public as well. If you are interested and need more information regarding how you can obtain a copy, please give us a call or write to the address located in the contact section.

  "A Traveling Mobile Ministry" Apostle Spellman will go wherever the Spirit of God leads him. If you are interested in having him come and speak at your church or ministry function, please call or write by using the contact information.

Our Motto:

"Declaring the Whole Counsel of God and Changing Lives"

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