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Living Word Of Grace

Ministries, Inc

Ministry Resources

Ministry Resources

Freedom from Spiritual Bondage

$14.99 $19.99

Are you stuck in the bondage of religious tradition and legalism? It's time to get unstuck and and be free! Because there are multitudes of well-meaning believers in Christ who have a distorted assessment of God the Father. Instead of knowing Him as a loving, holy, righteous and compassionate Father, they see Him as a tyrant who enforces manmade religious rules, their denominational agendas, and who is not concerned about their spiritual or physical wellbeing. Unfortunately, this has led them to think, feel and act like slaves. This book will help you transition from religion to relationship, from slavery to freedom and from orphans to sons and daughters. What's more it offers the antithesis to spiritual bondage, the grace of our Lord Jesus. It is a must read for those who want to be set free and enjoy a close intimate relationship with the Lord.

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